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Scorpius Sofa Flip Table

Product Description

Sagittarius Expandable Sofa: Incredible and Impecable: When we decorate the spaces we live in, all of the individual pieces come together to create the perfect vibe, just how we like it. But if we are being completely honest, the sofa sets the tone for an entire living room no matter what other awesome pieces are acquired. So with that in mind, use the Sagittarius Expandable Sofa to set the “This is the coolest living room you’ve ever stepped foot in” tone effortlessly. It’s stylish, comfortable and also one of the most awesome conversions we’ve ever crafted. Not to toot our own horn, but… Beep, beep.

Video Introduction

Product Specications

  • Two seater sofa that includes a table worksurface

  • 2 chairs included

  • Table flips up and down for storage or meetings

  • Comfortable for everyday use

  • Expandable for when you need extra space

  • Can open up in less than a minute

scorp 1.JPG
scorp 2.JPG
Scorp 3.JPG
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