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Sagitta Sofa Bed with Bar

Product Description

You work all week and you get out to socialize frequently enough. In both cases you can often want nothing more than to be home, where you’re most comfortable, doing your favorite things. And if you’re lucky, maybe some of your best pals favor keeping it inside tonight as opposed to painting the town red.

Introduce them to your Sagitta Sofa with Bar. It’s the comfortable sofa everybody wants to hang out on, especially since it comes with a built-in bar counter and sockets for cell phones. It’s like the couch in Friends but without the noise and strangers, just your actual friends. You never know, your place might just become the group’s Central Perk.

Video Introduction

Product Specications

  • Extra wide sofa

  • Bar Table mounted at proper height and space for 4 bar stools

  • sofa folds down to a queen size bed in seconds

  • Comfortable for everyday use

  • 2 large storage drawers

  • Integrated power and USB in armrests

Sagitta 1.JPG
Saggitta 2.JPG
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